Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

I was planning to shoot a star trail at night from the Tasik Ilmu viewing the Mosque.  That night was full of stars and the moon was in its 2% waxing: It was a good condition to shoot start trail.  Upon arrival, however the sky started to transformed into cloudy state; The stars hidden.  Plus, the spotlight installed at the car park near to the lake add another light pollutions to the composition.

I stood there for a while, to unpack or otherwise.  Lastly, decided to unpack and shot several images.  Without passion,  the shutter was released.  first i set aperture as 1.4 for my sigma 30mm f1.4 lens (shorter shutter speed) but then i re-think again set aperture to be at f/16 so that i can have a sun-star effect of the road light.

Next day, open the image and process.  The process is so subjective and it depends on your eyes pleasure.  For me the first image looks less contrast.  This is due to the fact that i reduced the highlight and increase the shadow.  The second image is much better for me.What say you?



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