Teluk Likas

Likas Bay or Teluk Likas, is very near to Likas Mosque.  It is a beautiful beach which the scenery of Kota Kinabalu can be seen here.  I managed to come here just a few minutes before the sunset.  I was caught in the middle of traffic jam at the town..i think i stuck there about 20 minutes and scared that i am not able to come to shoot sunset.  But alhamdulillah, the traffic was okey after passing the town.

But, yes few minutes before sunset is not enough for me to scout the best possible and subject to be aimed.  I just put my tripod on the rocks, and from there, just adjusting the focal length and so on.

This image was taken using Kood Pro ND8 stacked with RayMaster Reverse GND. It got magenta colourcast at the sky but i manage to repair it.


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